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Do you have a project, a construction site in progress, work that is starting or nearing the end? You've just purchased a property in Europe? You don't know where to start the renovation of your house ? Frederique is here to accompany and help you realize your wishes.


With many years of experience in the field of renovation, decoration and arrangement of old properties, she will be there to help you give them a second wind and a new life always with the wish to enhance their potential and to strengthen their heritage value in a wise way. Her knowledge and expertise of noble materials (wood, metal, terracotta, lime, stone, brick, soil), her knowledge of building techniques both traditional and contemporary, with respect to ecological standards (cob, natural coatings, insulation, acoustic comfort) allied with the aesthetic requirements in accordance both with the original nature of the premises and the requirements of their occupants make her a valuable partner in your projects.

Helping you conceive your living space, coordinating the artisans interventions during your absence, searching for the right service providers, looking for materials and decorative elements are just some of the ways Frederique can help you.

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